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How to choose a Fiber Optic Adapter?

How to choose a Fiber Optic Adapter?

Because of the wide variety of fiber adapters and the similar appearance of fiber adapters from different vendors, you may not know how to decide. In general, you should keep the following two tips in mind when choosing a fiber optic adapter.

· Fiber optic cable type


If the fiber optic adapter must be connected to the same type of fiber optic cable and connector, a fiber optic adapter with a square, rectangular or round interface can be used. Another type of cable to be connected requires a hybrid fiber adapter. This hybrid fiber optic adapter can connect any two types of fiber optic patch cords together. Because of the wide variety of hybrid fiber optic adapters, it is important to know what type of cable to connect before making a purchase.

·The sleeve material of the fiber adapter

The alignment sleeve is the most important component of fiber optic adapters. Some manufacturers choose metal as the material for the alignment sockets, but ceramic fiber adapters have proven to be much better than using metal as the alignment socket. The fiber optic adapter, since the crystal structure of the ceramic is very hard and will not deform like metal over time, can achieve quick alignment and high-precision fiber endface connection.


How do I clean the fiber adapter?

Although the fiber optic adapter is relatively small and is a small part of the fiber optic cabling, it does not affect its importance in the fiber optic cabling system. Like other fiber optic devices, it needs cleaning. There are two main cleaning methods, namely contact and non-contact cleaning.

·Contact cleaning method

(1) Dust-free wiping paper or dust-free cleaning cloth; Use dust-free paper or a dust-free cloth with sewage alcohol to wipe the end face of the fiber optic connector.

(2) cartridge-type optical fiber cleaning box; A special role of the mopping tape is built into the rollable housing, and the principle is to stick the dirt on the face of the fiber connector with the strong adhesive of the mopping tape.

(3) special fiber cleaning pen; Fiber optic cleaning pen is specifically used to clean the inside of the fiber adapter or the end face of the ferrule. The method is very simple. The end of the lead is inserted into the ceramic sleeve of the adapter and can be cleaned with a single push. End face.

·Contactless cleaning method

(1) Ultrasonic cleaning method Nowadays, the ultrasonic cleaning instrument on the market uses this cleaning method, and the cleaning liquid is converted into an ultrasonic "liquid column" which is sent to the end face of the fiber connector.

(2) high pressure air blowing method; the cleaning fluid is shown on the face of the fiber connector and then the high pressure gas is used to align the face of the connector to clean the face.



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