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Optical Distribution Frame(ODF)


Product Description 

Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) is integrated components in any fiber  management system to handle termination and cross-connection of cables.  Pre-terminated ODFs with cables are pre-installed with connectors and cable  for quick and easy installation. Units with pre-terminated cables offer  advantages such as faster installation, resulting in shorter time to revenue as  well as guaranteed quality and performance.


For standard 19' racks use (other rack width options available on  request) 

Fully stable patch panel, no risk of movement

Protected patch panel offers secure environment for adapters, patch  cords and pigtails 

Top quality steel with cover by electrostatic painted ensures the strong  body and pleasing appearance 

Easy for installation of inlay, convenient to expand capacity, obliquity  of adapter is 30° 

Height: depends on capacity, one Integrated Splice & Distribution unit  which has the capacity of 12 core within 1U height

ROHS compliant


1. Under the general air pressure, 500VDC,insulation resistance≥1000MΩ; 

2. The high voltage protection can undertake 3000VDC,no spark-through and  flashover within 1 minutes. 

3. Technical and quality grade reaches the ISO/IEC11801 requirement. 

4. Working temperature-20°C~+55°C; 

5. Working humidity≤95% (30°C); 

6. Working atmospheric pressure 70~106KPa

Order Options

Capacity Dimension(mm) Weight(kg)
12 port 430 x 300 x 353KG
24 port430 x 300 x 70 5KG
48 port430 x 300 x 1407KG
72 port430 x 300 x 200 10KG
96 port430 x 300 x 25013KG
144 port430 x 300 x 33019KG